Work with Me

I help writers who want to find their voice and improve their craft. I do this by helping them to organize and develop their ideas. I also help writers by working with them to learn how to edit their work. One way I do this is by teaching them the rules of grammar. I also further help by acting as a proofreader, checking their grammar and syntax. I also provide my clients with tips as we take on different genres of writing.

People work with me because I am reliable and great at what I do. When I edit, I am thorough and precise. I am also able to explain the corrections and suggestions clearly and simply. In addition to that, I am also very creative. I bring lots of ideas to the table. I am also energetic and encouraging with my clients.

Prices are based on length of time it will take and the depth of the project.  My services are open to freelancers, first-time writers, and screenwriters seeking an experienced editor.  I am available for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your project and negotiate rates.

How can I help you become a great writer?

Contact me at samanthaedits