Monthly Archives: September 2013

When my desire to be a writer began:

Let’s start at the beginning. It seems a logical place to start, or at least that’s what Maria taught us in The Sound of Music. My earliest memory of wanting to be a writer was when I was 4 or 5 years old. Back then I wanted to write advertisements. I only remember one of my ads and that is because years later I found a cassette tape on which I recorded myself. Never mind that most of the tape was me singing show tunes, but in the midst of those show tunes I placed a commercial for Duracell batteries. I wrote about the Duracell bear and how he devours (eats) the Energizer bunny and then does a happy dance and sings a song about his battery power eating the competition. I thought it was clever, but in retrospect it was probably a bit violent for a commercial. In case Duracell disagrees and loves my idea – I hereby copyright it.